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What Colad Pump Spray Bottle is right for me?

 Viton vs. EPDM O-Ring

It's well known that Colad manufacturers two of the most widely used pump spray bottles in the automotive refinish industry. To determine which bottle is right for your specific needs and use, it's important to understand the bottles o-ring properties.

The key difference between a Viton® and an EPDM o-ring pump spray bottle lies in their composition and intended applications.

  • Viton® O-ring: Viton® is a brand of fluoroelastomer, a type of synthetic rubber known for its excellent chemical resistance and high-temperature tolerance. It is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, including fuels, oils, acids, and solvents.
  • EPDM O-ring (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer): EPDM is a type of synthetic rubber that offers good resistance to weathering, ozone, UV radiation, and general environmental conditions. It is commonly used for outdoor applications and has good resistance to water, steam, and mild acids.

Prior to purchasing a Colad Pump Spray Bottle, it is essential to consult the chemical resistance list provided by the manufacturer, particularly for the specific brand and type of solution you intend to use with it. For instance, while various brake cleaners effectively remove brake residue, the chemical composition can vary among different brands. Therefore, ensuring compatibility by referring to the list specific to your chosen solution is crucial in order to maintain the pump spray bottle in optimal working condition.

If you are unsure about which bottle is the right choice for your needs, we are here to assist you. You can contact us for personalized guidance and support. Reach out to us at 833-272-6274, and our team will be happy to provide expert advice to help you find the ideal pump spray bottle. Alternatively, you can email us at, and we will promptly respond to your inquiries and assist in determining the best bottle for your requirements. We look forward to helping you make an informed decision.