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Colad Disposable Car Interior Steering Wheel Cover & Hygiene Kit

Colad Disposable Car Interior Steering Wheel Cover & Hygiene Kit

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Car Interior Hygiene kit 5 pcs

The Colad Car Interior Hygiene Kit for car upholstery can be used to cover and protect the most handled parts of the car interior. The kit keeps the car interior clean and protects the most essential parts in the interior from dust and grease. Provides a hygienic environment for both the staff and the car owner since the most frequently handled interior parts no longer need to be touched. The ultra-stretchable material of the cover ensures a precise fit, making it a secure yet comfortable solution that won't degrade or damage the steering wheel. The disposable cover can be easily removed and replaced when necessary.

The benefits of the Colad Car Interior Protection Hygiene Kit

  • Complete set to cover the most handled and touched interior parts of the car:
    • Driver’s seat 
    • Gear stick
    • Handbrake
    • Floor mat 
    • Steering wheel