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Colad Disposable Nitrile Gloves Black
Paint Tech stirring paint wearing Colad Disposable Nitrile Gloves Black

Colad Disposable Nitrile Gloves Black

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High Quality, Powder-free & Solvent-resistant Nitrile Glove

Stronger, Thicker & More Durable for Use During the Painting Process

Colad's Black Nitrile Gloves prevent hairs, skin fibers, and skin grease from coming into contact with the paint while protecting the user against chemical splashes.

These natural, single-use gloves are silicone, latex, and powder-free. The textured finger grips make for a better grip.

60 Gloves per Dispenser Box.


Glove Thickness (mil): 6 (0.15 mm)
Long Sleeve Length (in.): 11.2
Sizes: M-XL


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) CAT III, according to EU directive 2016/425/EU

CE Notified Body Number: 2777

Tested acc. to EN 1149-5, Method 2: Induction decay time

EU Type Examination Test Results:

EN ISO: n-heptane (J) - Level 3 Degradation: 47.4%
374-1: 2016: 40% Sodium Hydroxide (K) - Level 6 Degradation: -18.1%
Type B: 30% Hydrogen Peroxide (P) - Level 4 Degradation: 21.6%
37% Formaldehyde (T) - Level 5 Degradation: 24%
JKPT: Level 1: > 10 Minutes Level 2: > 30 Minutes Level 3: > 60 Minutes Level 4: > 120 Minutes Level 5: > 240 Minutes Level 6: > 480 Minutes