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Colad Fine Line Tape
Colad Fine Line Tape applied to a white car hood
Colad Fine Line Tape applied to a driver's side mirror
Colad Fine Line Tape
Colad Fine Line Tape

Colad Fine Line Tape

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Made For Very Precise Masking like Pinstripes, Multicolor, & Custom Painting

Colad's Green Fine Line Tape masks areas if optimum color separation is required when spraying multiple colors, pinstripes, or custom painting. It creates strong and sharp edges with exceptional adhesion.

It adheres to a wide variety of surfaces with waterborne coatings. It can resist temperatures up to 130°C for 30 minutes. It's easily removable and doesn't leave behind residue.

Available Per Roll in Plastic Bag.


Color: Green
Thickness (mm): 0.137
Core (mm): 76 (Plastic)
Tensile Strength (N/m): 245/100
Elongation at break: 150% ASTM-D-1000
Shelf Life: One Year
Backing Properties: Thermally Stabilized PVC
Adhesive: Rubber-based Pressure Sensitive
Hazardous Components: Non, Cadium free
Sizes (mm x m):

3 x 55

6 x 55

9 x 55

12 x 55

19 x 55