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Colad Foam Masking Tape
Colad Foam Masking Tape being applied

Colad Foam Masking Tape

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Seals & Protects Car Apertures Throughout the Repair Process


Colad Foam Masking Tape seals cars' apertures and protects against sharp edges while preventing overspray from bleeding. The silicone-free tape is easily applied and guarantees correct isolation without leaving residue upon removal. It holds excellent resistance to water and good resistance to alcohols, acids and bases, and oil and grease This masking tape is designed for maximum strength and durability, offering reliable protection and a precise seal every time. Its solvent and adhesive-free formula helps provide a secure and lasting bond that won't easily tear or peel away.

Packed Per Roll in Dispenser Box.


Color: Transparent
Smell: Odorless
Temp. Resistance: 180°
Sizes (mm x m): 13 x 50; 19 x 35