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Colad Snap Lid 700mL System
Colad Snap Lid 700mL System blue
paint application with Colad Snap Lid 700mL System

Colad Snap Lid 700mL System

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Mix, Snap & Go!

The Fastest Paint Application System for ALL Types of Paints

The Snap Lid System® from Colad turns your mixing cup into a paint cup. It makes painting as simple as Mix, Snap & Go!

The 700 ml version comes with two different-sized micron built-in strainers for all types of paint - 130 or 190. It offers a straining solution straight into your paint cup. The complete system includes 50 Snap Lids with the built-in strainer of your choice and 50 Mixing Cups (700 ml).

The Snap Lid allows you to use your Mixing Cup as a paint cup, speeding up the process in an easier fashion while using fewer materials.


Fastest System: Save time & money by using the mixing cup as a paint cup.
Easy-to-use: The complete system with attuned components.
For ALL types of paint: 2 filters available for both solvent & water-based products.
Ideal for average size paint jobs: the 700 ml mixing cup/paint cup has ideal capacity for average size paint jobs.
Unique valve system: Prevents a vacuum & guarantees a stable paint flow.
Reinforced lid: For fast & easy closure and leak prevention.
Secure & tight thread: Stable & watertight connection to the spray gun.
For all types of spray guns: Matching adapter available for almost all types of spray guns. (Find that tool here: Snap Lid Adapter Tool)