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Dentec N95 Cone Shaped Disposable Respirator

Dentec N95 Cone Shaped Disposable Respirator

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NIOSH-Approved Protection Against Dust, Fumes, Micro-Organisms & Non-Oil Containing Mists

Dentec's N95 Cone-Shaped, Disposable Respirator has a strong, double-shell construction that retains its shape through multiple uses without absorbing moisture and minimizing breathing resistance. 

The foam nose cushion and adjustable nose clip ensure a secure & comfortable fit. The non-latex elastic straps do not require pre-stretching, allowing for quick-fitting, and reduced consumption costs. 

The straps are electro-sonically sealed to the facepiece. Leaving staples out provides additional comfort. The crushed resistant shell will not collapse in hot, humid conditions and maintain its shape without the need for plastic mesh housing.

N95 version approved for minimum 95% efficient protection against certain non-oil particulate.

AD2N95OVA offers a layer of activated carbon that filters out nuisance levels of organic vapors below PEL.