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Iwata Super Nova WS400 High Definition Compliant Spray Gun - 1.3mm Tip

Iwata Super Nova WS400 Spray Gun - 1.3mm Tip

Anest Iwata
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Super Nova, High Definition, Compliant Spray Gun

The STANDARD for Clearcoats

The Iwata Super Nova WS400 HD Compliant Spray Gun boasts a patented low-volume nozzle design in combination with high fluid transfer efficiency for a faster and smoother application.

It delivers a consistent droplet size with a flat and even tulip spray pattern, which helps to reduce common application issues.

The stainless steel fluid passages are ideal for both solvent and waterborne material. It can spray in every climate condition with concentrated and excellent, optimized atomization.

Packaged with a Compliant Regulator.

Complies with EPA NESHAP 40 CFR, Part 63 Subpart 6H.


Nozzle Size (mm) 1.3
PSI: 29
CFM: 12.57
Fluid (ml/min): 220
Pattern (mm): 365
Weight (g): 423