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Superaser Abrasive Wheel Kit (Wheel W/Mandrel)

Superaser Abrasive Wheel Kit (Wheel W/Mandrel)

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For quick and easy removal of decals, pinstripes, bumper stickers, reflective tapes, double-faced tape from the back side of moldings, from glass and OEM painted surfaces without any damage. Long-lasting. Will not leave a sticky adhesive residue. Without mandrel, the wheel fits on other popular pneumatic tools.

Wider than the standard solid disc = FASTER
The toothed wheel works cooler = Less smearing
Easier to control = Less user fatigue
Longer Life!

Item No. Description Box Qty.
7044 4″ wheel w/mandrel 1

WARNING: DO NOT exceed 4000 RPM. Wheel could break apart and cause serious injury.

Not recommended for use on lacquer paints, non-OEM finished surfaces, acrylic, lexan, plexi-glass and soft plastic substrates.